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Our Inpendance day origin

Located in West Africa, Senegal was colonized during the 15th century by Europeans powers; mainly Portuguese, French, Dutch and British.

In 1677 French colonizers managed to impose their power and gained control over Senegal. In 1850´s the French empire began invading the Senegalese mainland until native resistance to the French expansion, led by several
Senegalese rulers, resulted in the Battle of Logandème, won by the French.

On the 4th of April of 1960, Senegal and the French Sudan merged to become the Mali Federation
that became fully independent on the 20th of June of that same year.
Two months later the Federation dissolved and Senegal became its own country. Léopold Sédar Senghor was the first president of independent Senegal.

During modern history, Senegal has become an important leader in the African Unity. It is indeed a very young country where Independence Day is highly celebrated and welcomed by its inhabitants. During two weeks schools are closed, so many people take this opportunity to travel to visit friends and family. The Senegalese army and police forces march down Dakar’s streets during Senegal’s largest Independence Day parades, of which the Dioubel Independence Day Parade is the most outstanding.

Parade of the President Macky Sall, 1st commander of the Senegalese Army

During Independence Day the air is full of patriotism and excitement and people like to meet and share drinks, food and dances whilst enjoying the different parades and other street events.

Happy Independence Day to all Senegalese !