Welcome to Sencad

Sencad is a 501C non-profit organization that encourages self-empowerment, development, and creativity through community awareness programs by exposing talents and skills promoting our cultural values in the diaspora.

We also emphasize good will and deeds by impacting the lives of our youth in a very positive way, promoting higher education, and reaching out to those in need back in the homeland in times of hardship.

What do we do.

Community Development

We help develop our community through education programs and cultural awareness.

Post Mortem Care

We help provide post mortem transportation for those who wish to be burried in their homeland.

Immigration Assistance

Living as a foreign citizen is always challenging. Sencad provide administrative guidance.

Business Promotion

Economic and incluse development is key. We help expose our community businesses in a most efficient way.

Team Members

Top volunteers

Mamadou Lamine Fall

Former President, Founder

Beloved Maat Toure


Assane Mariama


Our Partners

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Scholarship Awards

Scholarship Awards

Dear Fatimata sy and Chams Diagne  From SENCAD, we want

Graduation Party 2022

Graduation Party 2022

For more than a decade Sencad has been organizing Graduation

Voting & ID Cards

Voting & ID Cards

In order to meet the needs of the diaspora, and

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