The Organization

A word from the President

Welcome to Sencad

Dear members and supporters,

Allow me to express my pleasure to count you among the
members of our community and welcome you to our website, which is a driving force for communication between SENCAD and the diaspora, and more particularly the diaspora living in Georgia (USA) and its surroundings.
As you might know, SENCAD is a Non-Profit Organization whose goal is to promote self-development, while providing assistance to members of the Senegalese community. As an organization, SENCAD has never failed in its mission to bring together and strengthen solidarity between actors within the Senegalese community.

Our vision is to succeed in setting up a strong neighborhood,
which can guarantee better futures for generations. For these reasons, we encourage you to join our efforts to positively influence the future of our children. I would also like to inform you that we are open to any ideas that will enable us to achieve the mission incumbent upon us.

Please accept my most respectful sentiments.

Cheikh Tidiane Thiam
President of SENCAD Inc.

A look back in the past

Our History

Long before the 2000s, a good number of Senegalese had already chosen to immigrate to the state of Georgia given its favorable climate, and affordable social and economic life. During this period, the Senegalese had not organized themselves into a community, although there were already different religious groups – “Dahira.”

For the most part, Senegalese immigrants peacefully went about their concerns without worrying about the problems of their neighbors. When a Senegalese immigrant died, volunteers went door to door to collect funds to help the family repatriate the body of the deceased. In 2005, following two major painful events that had befallen the Senegalese community of Atlanta, the idea of regrouping the Senegalese community of Georgia and its surroundings began taking form. This desire has favored the weekly regrouping with a view to creating a platform around which the entire Senegalese community essentially gathers. Thus in 2006, several pioneers officialized the implementation of a social, economic, and cultural environment for Senegalese people under the name of the Senegalese Association for Aid and Self-Development (SENCAD).

SENCAD is a 501C non-profit organization platform that allows the community to connect in a more efficient manner. Despite the limited means of communication and financial resource weakness, the founders managed tremendous efforts and determination to overcome challenges. The unity aims encourage self-empowerment, development, and creativity through community awareness programs by exposing talents and skills promoting our cultural values in the diaspora. It will also emphasize good will and deeds by impacting the lives of our youth in a very positive way, promoting higher education, and reaching out to those in need back in the homeland in times of hardship.

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